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  • RedCore


  • The Black Swordsman

    This was really amazing!!!! XD is it sad that I binge watched all so season 1 and 2 five times? XD

    • Derek

      I did the same thing πŸ™‚ ………….
      We don’t get out much do we?

  • Kai Porter

    Wait… Wheres the rest!?!?!?

    • Alberto El Crack

      IKR that ending

  • Guildes

    if i had 1% of kasuto’s chick magnet ability, boy i would change

  • Andrew Harrison

    What type of monsters leave us with a cliffhanger like that? πŸ™

  • lissy0808

    when are they going to make sao 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.o p.p

    • Cometβ˜†ε½‘

      Summer 2016 :3

      • Remco Moerland

        no release dat know yet. (follow reki kawahara if you want to know when the real deal is announced) we only have a sao movie and probably a accel world season 2 this year but no sao season 3 sadly ;(

  • I knew that old Man was an Octopus because he had 8 parts in his hair πŸ˜€

    • TJ Riley

      technically, he’s a K-r-a-k-e-n. It was obvious because it’s an anagram of his name. aww nvm. It says it at the end, so now I just look silly for mentioning it. But that’s how I figured it out.

      • Yea I just go by the same logic I had as a little kid

  • is sao 3 a movie?

    • Remco Moerland

      no its not πŸ˜›
      sao 3 wont be released in 2016 tho probably 2017 but reki did say that he wanted to release seaon 3 so i dont think it will be canceled.
      (he said that the sao movie that came out a few hours ago had a new story so maybe it did turn into a movie but small chances)

      • ah ok thx so do we know what the movie is?

        • Remco Moerland

          Japan does we don’t, we know when they tell us

      • Austin Lewis

        http://www.swordart-onlineusa.com/themovie/index.php heres a link to the confirmation video thing. but did the movie actually get released just today? and no i very highly doubt 3 is a movie it hasnt been advertised as such 3 got pushed back for this movie and is expected summer of this year. i would doubt they turned it into a movie as it got renewed for a 3 and 4 segment whether they continue to do movies in the middle is up in the air i suppose.

  • anyone know how to get to the next part of this

  • Joshua Mignott

    Asunas story was so good. She fell in love with him the first time they meet.

  • Herobrines24

    Is the movie broken?