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  • ZairCharged

    Damn this could have been a strong ending to the series here! 😀

    • charl

      yes exactly, the aincrad arc should have been the ending, it wrapped everything up and you had a sense of closure

      the alfheim arc just felt bad after how strong the aincrad arc was

      • Charged

        I feel like the aincrad arc was ended in a hurry this was still this sense of an epic quest ahead having to beat another 25 (I think it was 25) crazy hard floors to complete the game. That would have been a better solution to make a longer running series not the alfheim arc. Season 3 for SAO is supposed to have a super strong arc that is long enough to stretch 24 episodes so i hope thats how it goes down. (Season 3 isn’t confirmed im assuming it will be because the manga launches into a huge arc right after the end of season 2)

        • charl

          alfheim could have been good, instead they chose to go with rapey fanservice and incest fanservice and freakin tentacle rape fanservice

          hard to call that a good story when its just fanservicey shite

          the worst the aincrad arc ever did was silica, and that was only one episode out of the whole arc